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On Flow


12 Nov On Flow

I’ve just had a valuable insight in reading a book called The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, which was recommended to me by my father.

Here’s the insight and it’s a piece of math:

flow = energy

The Energy of Money

To make sense of the insight I need to refer to program that I put together called The Energy of Money. The key insight in this program was that

energy = money

In other words, money is just a form of energy! The two things are the same thing. They’re not just related to each other, they are each other. Money is simply a promise, a stored form, the potential form of energy.

In other words, 100 dollars is just a piece of paper until you spend it and then it becomes activated as 100 dollar’s worth of energy. You can convert that energy into any form you wish, whether that’s

  • a haircut,
  • a wonderful meal,
  • a down payment on an investment, or
  • a repayment on a car!

In this sense, energy is simply someone’s effort applied over time whether they serve you in real-time or create a product that you enjoy.

Energy Circuits

We also know that energy travels in circuits or loops. Let’s take another form of energy as an example. Electricity is another form of energy. If you wish to switch a light bulb on, it’s not enough to connect a wire from a battery to the blurb. You must connect a second wire back from the blurb to the battery to complete the circuit. When the circuit is complete, the energy flows.

Money, another form of energy, moves in the same way. It moves in circuits. There’s a lot to say here but for now, let’s come back to the original insight in this post.

Getting into the Flow

You’ve probably heard people talk about getting into the flow, or maybe going with the flow.

So what is the flow? The flow is energy. I experience it as an energy that comes through me. It’s the energy that writes the songs, composes the music, invents the new products and brings new levels of love and connection into relationships. This energy is referred to by many names but here in the South states of America, they call it God’s energy. Others might call it spirit’s energy or maybe connecting to the source.

Whatever you call it, there’s a feeling that it comes through you rather than solely from you.

And when you’re connected to that energy, you’re in flow.

Do the Math

So let’s do the math. We know that energy = money, and we know that flow = energy. So now we can say

Flow = energy = money

That’s helpful. We also know that a connection to source is the fundamental source of all energy. So we can finally say

Connection to source = flow = energy = money

Phew! We got there. That’s a lot of math.

Stay Connected

So here’s what we know. Persistent connection to spirit / God / source equals flow, flow equals energy, and energy equals money. And therefore persistent connection to spirit equals money.

For me, the best way to stay connected is through meditation. Others might call that prayer. Again, it doesn’t matter what you call it or what your ritual is. They important piece is a commitment to stay connected to that highest part of yourself. I’m not just talking about an intention for a few hours on a given Sunday morning, I’m talking always.

This morning, for example, that looked like meditation, playing the piano and reading a book. That’s how I got connected.

When I feel that energy moving through me I go into a flow state and I stay there. That amazing energy turns into books and CDs and web pages and TV shows and all kinds of creative forms. It turns into deeper relationships and stronger teaching and amazing moments of transformation.

When that great energy flows through me I get to serve my community with extraordinary value. And when that happens, the money circuits are created and flow effortlessly. And that’s my insight so far this morning. Done!

What are your rituals for connection? Where are your circuits? What are you doing to bring that graceful energy into the world?


Tim Levy

Tim Levy is an author, speaker, consultant and coach working with CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, strategy and mindset. He runs a strategic marketing agency out of Austin, Texas. He routinely speaks for leading organizations like Vistage International, Conscious Capitalism and Secret Knock. Tim’s intention is to radically accelerate and enable highly purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs in their business and personal lives.

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