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The Muse

More energy More Money
More Energy More Money

Your Infinite Power to Be Rich Let's talk about More Energy More Money. I am having an interesting insight this morning as I read a book called ‘Your Infinite Power To...

Donors Choose Purposeful Work
Donors Choose Purposeful Work

As you know, here at Tim Levy & Associates we like to participate in Purposeful Work for the community through the website We found a project called ‘A Printer...

Donors Choose Making A Difference
Donors Choose Making A Difference

As you know by now, here at Tim Levy & Associates we love to do purposeful things. We love to work with to support local students and schools and...

On Flow

I've just had a valuable insight in reading a book called The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, which was recommended to me by my father. Here's the...

Use It or Lose It

The Dream Last night I had a profound dream, in which I was working in a team at a huge and nameless corporation. The team belonged to a division that did...

How Do You Feel?

Yesterday, I've got to admit, was not a great day. I was in Mobile, Alabama to speak to a small group of CEOs which sounds like a wonderful thing, right?. At...

Surrender to the Flow

This post is about surrender to the flow. When most people hear surrender they think of military surrender. You know – the kind that means giving in or giving up....

How to be Happy

What is Happiness I was working with one of my clients recently to optimize his working experience. That sounds a little cold so let me explain what I mean in the...


There’s something amazing about the transition that’s happening between tradition businesses and those build on global dynamic teams. The new entrepreneur is living in an entirely different world. So what...

Find Purpose

For something so critical and essential to living a fulling life, I'm amazed at how little knowledge is out there about the practice of finding purpose. In truth, I cannot...


I'm here in San Diego in June of 2014 to meet with what I'm coming to call my Purpose Tribe. I suppose you could more accurately call them an entrepreneurial,...